About Our Practice


A commitment to service

Out of the stormy days of COVID-19, I established Jane Martin Law to serve clients in all aspects of estate work - planning, administration, estate and capacity law litigation and mediation.

I understand that my clients' lives have been impacted by this worldwide crisis and that we must all adapt to new ways of accessing and delivering services.

With Jane Martin Law, I see an opportunity to pivot my professional practice and provide outstanding client service that is flexible and sustainable in our changed world. More than ever, sensitivity and compassion are required. ​

That is why I am committed to supporting all my clients with a practice that is -

  • Flexible – providing choice about when and how we connect, whether in-person or remotely;

  • Safe – using technology to support socially distant consultations, document signings and mediations;

  • Sensitive – recognizing the profound  impacts that life transitions - and COVID-19 - can have on families and individuals;

  • Personal – preserving a human touch even as our reliance on technology is increasing.