• Jane Martin

Resilience in the time of COVID

The past few months have put us all to the test – physically, emotionally, financially. A lot of change has been thrust upon a lot of people, and many of those changes – social distancing for example – are likely to be with us for a while. Now that the initial shock and grief of the COVID crisis has eased, I am left wondering how resilience, creativity and flexibility will help me to move forward within the context of this ‘new normal’, and I am left wondering how to bring those skills and values into my work as an estates lawyer.

I understand resilience as the capacity to have awareness of our circumstances - a resilient person has the ability to solve problems, to adapt to change, to understand that they have the power to make choices that will impact their lives. They know when to ask for help, and work to develop and maintain strong social connections.

What does this have to do with delivering wills and estates services? Well, I know that the avalanche of uncertainty that this year has dumped upon me challenged me to my core – and I am sure that my colleagues, clients, friends and family members have been tested, too.

As an estates lawyer and mediator, I am here to enhance your resilience – estate planning can offer comfort and peace of mind amid a health crisis. I can help find answers to questions about how to look after family and friends after death. I can help find adaptations and amendments to plans considering changing and uncertain financial circumstances. I can assist in the stressful process of winding up estates when even making a simple bank appointment can be a complicated undertaking. I can facilitate difficult conversations about caring for older relatives, about navigating complex family relationships. I can listen.

I understand resilience as an expansive quality, and I look forward in months to come to developing and maintaining strong relationships with you – as clients, colleagues, friends and family, as we move forward through the new normal.

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